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Kris Rowley, chief data officer at the General Services Administration, discusses data literacy efforts and how GSA is working on refining data management practices.

With the Chief Data Officer role now established across the government, agencies are exploring ways to better use the data they collect. Kris Rowley, chief data officer at the General Services Administration, says that agencies need to have a culture that is conducive to data.


“I think the key is having the agency accept the chief data officer, provide them with the resource and authorities to make changes and to drive changes. It is a huge culture change that we are pushing as well as a technology change. Really embracing that,” Rowley said. “And from a CDO perspective, you have to go in as a new CDO and realize that people are going to be somewhat intimated at times and you to try to go in with a mentality to just be helpful and do no harm.”

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