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The Defense Logistics Agency has a new data strategy in progress. DLA’s Chief Data Officer Teresa Smith tells Federal News Network she wants to give people the right data to help them answer the right questions. The Pentagon’s broader data strategy is only about six months old.

  • Riya Patel, Senior Program Manager for Government at Dcode, said her organization has learned there is a need to help the workforce understand not only what data is but also how to tell a story with it, which is in line with what DLA is thinking about in implementing their data strategy.
  • Patel said it is important for everyone in the workforce to obtain data literacy, which enables you to understand the data you have and understand how to leverage the data and incorporate the data narrative into the larger mission.
  • One thing Dcode will look forward to as these organizations roll out their data strategies is seeing the partnership with the private sector in leveraging data and implementing it from the ground up, said Patel.
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