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Kevin Cox, CDM Program Manager at the Department of Homeland Security, and James Saunders, Chief Information Security Officer at the Small Business Administration, discuss the status of the CDM dashboard pilot from the Department of Homeland Security

A collaborative pilot program in the cloud between the Department of Homeland Security and the Small Business Administration could be the first of many among agencies across government.

The new Elastic Stack dashboard will give DHS visibility into the cloud security of agencies across government. And it will give agencies data to feed a number of different initiatives.

SBA and DHS have been working together on the project for the last year-and-a-half, according to Kevin Cox, Program Manager for Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation at DHS. “One of the things we learned … is the importance of relationships with the cloud service providers. We are already partnered with a number of systems integrators as well as a number of vendors in the cyber community,” Cox told “Government Matters” Sunday.

“The biggest thing we’re looking to do [because of this partnership] is collapse our CDM programs,” Cox’s partner at SBA, Chief Information Security Officer James Saunders, said. “We run two programs. One is a legacy CDM [program]. The other is the cloud CDM modernization pilot.”

Saunders said when those programs are combined, “we want … to take advantage of all the data we’re pulling from our CSPs, from our on-premise systems, as well as different mobile assets. We want to consolidate all the data together, and get started … building automated response.”

SBA will merge the legacy CDM system with the new cloud system, Saunders said. “It’s taking the data from the current state CDM, and the cloud-based CDM, smashing it together, basically, under the new Elastic Stack dashboard, and then really start extracting that data, that value, out of that to feed other initiatives.”

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