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LTG Thomas Horlander, Military Deputy To The Assistant Secretary Of The Army (Financial Mgmt. & Comptroller), discusses finding savings and implementing financial strategies at the Army, and how they’re approaching the DoD audit.

As the Department of Defense audit progresses through its second year, the individual services are getting involved with cost-saving measures of their own. The Command Accountability and Execution Review looks at programs and services the Army is purchasing on a manager by manager basis.  LTG Thomas Horlander, Military Deputy To The Assistant Secretary Of The Army (Financial Mgmt. & Comptroller), told Government Matters that while the focus of the program is on finance. they regularly uncover new information that leads to improvements


“As we go through this, we discover some things that sometimes take us by surprise. Or we discover things that would compel us to take some actions that are not necessarily financial in nature,”  Horlander said. “So I’m lucky because I’m partnered with Gen. Perna, who is in the Army Material Command. Much of what we do is we spend our money in the sustainment and the logistics areas, so he and I are side by side throughout the entire charge. He has identified and seen some things as we are looking at our financials, he will see things that have implications in logistical operations, that prompts him to take action.”


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