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U.S. Chief Information Officer Suzette Kent discusses what was showcased at the Department of Labor’s Tech Day, and the progress of shared services in government.

The Department of Labor held a tech day on Thursday. Government agencies all convened to showcase some of their high-tech solutions for mission delivery. Agencies like the Department of Energy showed results from their new Summit supercomputer, and the FBI showed virtual reality training simulations. U.S. Chief Information Officer Suzette Kent told Government Matters that she supported the event, because it was a perfect sharing opportunity.


“The approach is to have real deployed technology with mission-serving people actually talking about how those advanced technologies and capabilities help them achieve their mission and serve citizens better.” Kent said. “It is not a PowerPoint. It is not a conversation. They were all interactive demonstrations. The power of that was absolutely amazing… across all those agencies, it gave them opportunities to share. That’s one of the most exciting things. Not just seeing drones and virtual reality and RPA, and all these fantastic uses of data, it is the exciting conversations between the agencies about what we could learn from each other and how we actually move faster.”

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