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Scott Davidson, managing principal at GCO Consulting, discusses why SBA’s 8(a) business certification process needs an overhaul, and how the agency can ensure proper registration for their programs.

The Small Business Administration is gearing up for some big changes for their programs. The agency is looking to eliminate self-certification from their 8(a) program. Scott Davidson, managing principal at GCO Consulting, says that ensuring registered businesses meet eligibility requirements is incredibly important.


“The reality is that with self-certification, for a very long time it allows people to get into the program that may not necessarily qualify for the program. That’s where you have to consider some of the issues… I think there was between 40 and 50 percent of people may not have been eligible in certain programs.  Not just the 8(a) program but economically-disadvantaged-owned, Women-owned small businesses, In the [veteran] small business world, it is the same issue,” Davidson said. “You have certain certifying bodies that are there that people can self-certify, but not necessarily qualify. They are looking to end that issue by bringing everything underneath one silo and make it one standard process.”

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