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Workforce Matters

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Workforce Matters with Alan Balutis

How to build a 21st century government for citizens

Alan Balutis, senior director and distinguished fellow at Cisco Systems, discusses his five-step plan to modernize the federal government, and why reviving the 70-year-old Hoover Commission may help reorganize the […]

Government Matters Panel

The future of the government security clearance program

Beth McGrath, managing director of Deloitte Consulting and David Berteau, president & CEO of the Professional Services Council, discuss the plan to move background investigations from the Office of Personnel […]

Government Matters with Kathy Larin

GAO: VA needs to confront employee misconduct & accountability

Kathy Larin, director of the Forensic Audits & Investigative Service at the Government Accountability Office, discusses a new report outlining issues with internal investigations at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Government Matters with Ariel Gold

Data-sharing enhancement to increase transportation safety & efficiency

Ariel Gold, data program manager for the Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office at the Department of Transportation, discusses her work speeding up data-sharing at DOT and need for open […]

Government Matters Panel with Kastner

NIH doctor helps thousands by identifying rare diseases & treatments

Dr. Daniel Kastner, Sammies 2018 finalist and scientific director of the Division of Intramural Research at the National Institutes of Health, discusses his work researching auto-inflammatory diseases, and how his […]

Workforce Matters with Jeffrey Neal

Changing landscape in federal agency hiring processes

Jeffrey Neal, senior vice president of ICF, discusses “fragmentation” in the civil service, and why individualized hiring processes might not solve all staffing problems at agencies.

Workforce Matters with Kim Weaver

Assessing enterprise risks within Thrift Savings Plan accounts

Kim Weaver, director of External Affairs at the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, discusses TSP’s research into enterprise risks and the board’s latest budget review.

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