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Civilian agencies should identify people, process and technology gaps, says Luta Security founder

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at the Department of Homeland Security says all civilian agencies should start vulnerability disclosure programs. But asking the public to identify weak points could bring up more vulnerabilities than agencies are ready to respond to. Katie Moussouris, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Luta Security, said civilian agencies should […]


TMF may be more appealing to DoD now that it has additional funds, says ACT-IAC CEO

The Department of Labor will get $9.6 million for data infrastructure modernization from the Technology Modernization Fund. It was the first award after the fund got a $1 billion boost in the latest coronavirus relief bill. Dave Wennergren, former CIO of the Navy, said going forward we will likely see a mix of larger programs […]


U.S. neither prepared nor resourced for competition in artificial intelligence, warns NSCAI member

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence warns if current trends continue, China could surpass the United States as the world’s leader in AI in the next decade. The commission has new recommendations for Congress for defending the country with technology and promoting U.S. innovation in artificial intelligence. Katharina McFarland, former Assistant Secretary of Defense […]


VA’s Electronic Health Records Modernization program review seeks to ensure world-class care for veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs will do a strategic review of its electronic health record modernization program. A top detail review of the $16 billion system will take up to three months. Jennifer MacDonald, MD, Senior Advisor to the Acting Deputy Secretary at the VA, said this review is an opportunity to look at the […]


TMF operating model may need to be changed, says ADI executive director

Updating legacy IT systems at agencies could soon get easier. The latest coronavirus relief bill will give a $1 billion boost to the Technology Modernization Fund. Matthew Cornelius, Executive Director of the Alliance for Digital Innovation, said that in order to address the many IT and cybersecurity issues that have come to the forefront during […]


Former acting DoD comptroller: “AI will be in everything”

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence has new recommendations for applying AI to defense. The commission says the most compelling reason to accelerate AI is that machine analysis is more likely to anticipate the next attack. Elaine McCusker, former Acting Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), provided three takeaways from the recommendations: AI will be […]


Adequate budgets critical for tackling urgent IT priorities, says former GAO director

The latest pandemic relief bill includes $1 billion for the Technology Modernization Fund. Former GAO director of IT issues David Powner said the TMF helps, but we also need to get away from flat budgets to truly tackle urgent IT priorities. Powner said cybersecurity and legacy modernization are the two biggest challenges facing chief information […]

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