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Navy assistant secretary on new climate action plan

President Biden has called tackling the climate crisis a national security priority. The Department of the Navy recently issued a strategy called “Climate Action 2030.” Meredith Berger, assistant secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment, said the new strategy is bold in that it is comprehensive and action-oriented. She said the Navy and […]


CISA executive director on stepping in during ‘pivotal time’ after 2020 election

Just after the 2020 presidential election, Brandon Wales suddenly found himself acting director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), leading the country through some of the worst cyber and ransomware attacks on government and private networks. Wales said he became acting director at a “pivotal time” after Chris Krebs was fired and that […]


Secret Service recovering billions of dollars after large-scale Covid-19 relief fraud

When pandemic shutdowns started wreaking havoc on the economy, the White House and Congress provided trillions of dollars of aid to individuals and small businesses. However, that kind of money invites criminals. Roy Dotson, assistant special agent in charge at the U.S. Secret Service, led the team that investigated major fraud that started after the […]


Research expert disagrees with recent SIGAR report on Afghanistan

The United States and its partners spent 20 years and nearly $90 billion to build the Afghan security forces. There is plenty of blame to go around for their rapid collapse and the subsequent takeover of the country by the Taliban. The special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction (SIGAR) said in a recent report that […]


Defense Department actively working to meet CUI cybersecurity requirements

Defense Department (DoD) computer systems contain vast amounts of sensitive data, and the unclassified information can still be vulnerable to cyber attacks. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) studied how well-protected those Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) systems are. Jennifer Franks, director of information technology and cybersecurity at GAO, said the DoD has not reached 100% compliance […]


Defense and State Department officials on ‘unprecedented’ Afghanistan evacuation

Once it became clear last summer that the Afghan government would fall, the highest priority became the quick and safe evacuation of Americans, eligible Afghans and other allies. After that, the Defense and State Departments were responsible for providing them housing and services. Those teams included Hila Hanif, director of Afghanistan strategy and policy at […]


National Reconnaissance Office director on space threats, future tech and climate

The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) provides credible, usable intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance information to government agencies. Government Matters’ Mimi Geerges interviewed NRO Director Dr. Christopher Scolese. The NRO provides the government, military, policy makers and analysts information from space by putting satellites into orbit around Earth, said Scolese. The office collects information about adversaries’ intentions, […]


Separate migration management from security at southern border, advises policy expert

With the possible end of Title 42, put in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department of Homeland Security is expecting a surge of migrants at the southern border. Theresa Cardinal Brown, managing director at the Bipartisan Policy Center, recommends a new strategy to reflect the changing conditions there. Brown explained that the demographics […]

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