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Security Matters

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Government Matters

The current state of the Homeland Security Enterprise

Tim Hanes, senior manager of public sector advisory at Grant Thornton, and Marc Pearl, President & CEO, Homeland Security & Defense Business Council, discuss homeland security contracting, and why bid […]

Industry Matters with Eric Crusius

SECURE Technology Act to change supply chain compliance

Eric Crusius, partner at Holland & Knight, discusses the new efforts to ensure supply chain security, and the impact they will have on contractors.

Robert Storch

NSA IG details Agency Travel Program report

National Security Agency Inspector General Robert Storch details a new report on issues with employee travel credit cards at the agency, and why they are happening.

Security Matters with Ron Marks

White House lays out government cyber proposals in FY20 budget request

Ron Marks, president of ZPN National Security and Cyber Strategies, discusses the budget request’s cyber provisions, and how they might make it all the way through the congressional process.

Security Matters with Susan Gordon

Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence lays out top priorities

In this two-part interview, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Susan Gordon outlines the incremental improvements made in the National Intelligence Strategy, and provides an update on intelligence community priorities

Tech Matters with Michael Ehrlich

Cyber Command lays out FY19 plans to utilize cyberwarfare tools

Michael Ehrlich, chief technology officer of IronNet, discusses U.S. Cyber Command’s search for their own suite of cyber tools, and how they want to build out defensive capabilities.

Security Matters with Tony Cole

How agencies can mitigate the impact of inevitable cyber breaches

Tony Cole, chief technology officer at Attivo Networks, discusses ways the government can better mitigate breaches at agencies, and why rolling out continuous diagnostics and mitigation is difficult in the […]

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