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Nearshoring could counter “staggering” increase in Chinese defense suppliers, says Govini chief executive officer

President Biden has nominated Michael Brown, head of the Defense Innovation Unit, as the next under secretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment. If the Senate confirms him, he will have to ensure the health of the defense supply chain after major impacts from coronavirus. Tara Murphy Dougherty, Chief Executive Officer at Govini, said reshoring […]


Pentagon must accept “good enough” strategies or risk losing to competitors

President Biden has not named an acquisition leader for the Pentagon yet. When the Senate confirms that nominee, the next under secretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment will need to make sure acquisitions at the department can keep up with China’s military modernization. Chris Dougherty, Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American […]


Insufficient defense budget will lead to high-stakes readiness crisis, warns CMPP senior director

The Army has a field manual in the works for its multi-domain operations warfighting concept. That new doctrine should be out in summer of next year and will be top of mind for Army Futures Command. Bradley Bowman, Senior Director for the Center on Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, […]


Mergers and acquisitions cause obstacles for small defense companies

The House Armed Services Committee has a new task force focused on reviewing the defense supply chain. The number of prime vendors has fallen by 36%. Travis Tritten, Senior Reporter at Bloomberg Government, said one factor contributing to this decline is mergers and acquisitions among large defense companies, which make it harder for smaller companies […]


Bill Greenwalt: “Legacy Soviet” budget process needs analysis and reform

The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Adam Smith says he will make how the Defense Department spends its money the focus of his committee’s oversight in addition to what the department buys. It’s the latest effort to connect budget and policy in the acquisition process. Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Industrial […]


New supply chain executive order echoes concerns from previous administration

A new executive order from President Biden aims to address a computer chip shortage. The order calls for a 100-day review of the supply chains of key products to identify weak points and potential solutions. Loren Thompson, Defense Industry Analyst at the Lexington Institute, said the executive order echoes some of the concerns expressed during […]


Anticipation of tax changes is one factor driving mergers and acquisitions

Jean Stack, Managing Director at Baird, talks trends in mergers and acquisitions in the federal contracting space

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