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Cybersecurity issues at Department of Veterans Affairs could have “catastrophic impact,” says Government Accountability Office director

The Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Denis McDonough promises changes are coming after a 12-week strategic review of the VA’s electronic health record program. That program is missing important elements of the federal government’s cyber defense strategy. Carol Harris, director of information technology and cybersecurity issues at the Government Accountability Office (GAO), […]


Government Accountability Office director details recent defense cybersecurity findings

The House Armed Services Committee will release proposals for the defense supply chain in July. One of the key stakeholders of the defense supply chain has some risk management problems it needs to deal with. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report documenting risk management deficiencies in inventory systems at the Defense Logistics Agency […]


Government Accountability Office director explains retention disparities among Navy officers

Surface Warfare Officers leave the Navy sooner and at higher rates than other officers, and female officers leave even faster than their male counterparts, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office. Cary Russell, director of defense capabilities and management issues at the Government Accountability Office, said the career path for other Navy communities […]


Government Accountability Office identifies best practices for minimizing cancelled appropriations

The new Biden administration budget includes a flat Defense Department topline and increases for most civilian agencies. If historic trends hold, though, almost $24 billion of the money agencies get will go back to the Treasury at the end of the fiscal year. Jeff Arkin, Acting Director of Strategic Issues at the Government Accountability Office, […]


Legislation needed to clarify jurisdiction for Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery

The Office of the Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery was “almost set up to fail,” according to the man who runs it. A year into his tenure, though, he says the office is a success. Brian Miller, Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery, said he needs legislation from Congress to clarify that his jurisdiction […]


Growing number of pandemic oversight committees could cause inefficiencies, says Grant Thornton executive

The Department of Justice will stand up an interagency Fraud Enforcement Task Force to collaborate with agencies on investigation and fraud in COVID-19 relief from the American Rescue Plan. That is in addition to the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee and the Office of the Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery. Robert Shea, National Managing Principal […]


Government Accountability Office releases comprehensive report on domestic abuse in the Defense Department

The Senate will consider legislation to make big changes to the way the Defense Department and the services handle cases of domestic abuse. One provision of that bill would take decisions away from commanders and give them to prosecutors. Brenda Farrell, Director of Defense Capabilities and Management Issues at the Government Accountability Office, said her […]

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