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Industry Matters with Eric Crusius

Provisions in the FY19 NDAA impacting government contractors

Eric Crusius, partner at Holland & Knight, details important provisions in the NDAA that contractors should know about, and why changing commercial definitions will help both the government and contractors.

Defense Matters with Harlan Ullman

Alternatives to a new Space Force military branch

Harlan Ullman, chair of the Killowen Group, discusses why a full service for space operations would be “unworkable,” and why establishing a new high-level command would be a better strategy.

Government Matters with Bob Hale

Pentagon prepares for passage of FY19 spending bill

Bob Hale, former Department of Defense comptroller and senior executive advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton, discusses the possibility that DoD will be fully funded by the budget deadline, and what […]

Government Matters with Kendall

Back office changes a key challenge to Space Force effort

Frank Kendall, former Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics and executive in residence at Renaissance Strategic Advisors, discusses some of the logistical issues with the current Space […]

Government Matters with Bill Greenwalt

Tensions on the rise between Silicon Valley and DoD

Bill Greenwalt, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security, discusses the growing discord between the Department of Defense and the Silicon Valley tech companies they […]

Troy Meyer

DoD IG releases 2018 Compendium of Open Recommendations

Troy Meyer, Assistant Inspector General of Audit at the Defense Department, discusses the more than 1500 recommendations that the DoD IG has for the agency, and how implementing 30 of […]


Army’s push to shift millions of FY18 money to modernization efforts

Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work discusses why the Army wants to shuffle around its development funding and what it means for military contractors.

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