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China clearly biggest national security threat to United States, says defense strategy expert

The Biden administration is currently working on writing the 2022 National Defense Strategy, which should include challenges from adversaries like China, Russia, North Korea and the Taliban, as well as the ramifications of rapidly expanding global threats. Bryan Clark, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and former special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations, […]


Defense Department should take holistic approach to reducing military personnel costs, says defense budget analyst

The size of the United States military has declined more than 60% since the Korean War, but the cost of military personnel has doubled. Can the Defense Department afford a military force big enough to address current and future threats? Seamus Daniels, associate director and associate fellow for Defense Budget Analysis at the Center for […]


International relations expert says North Korea times missile tests to create political problems

Another crisis may be brewing with North Korea. As it continues weapons tests, development of long-range ballistic missiles that reach the U.S. homeland also continues unabated. Robert King, Korea Chair and senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said North Korea is conducting missile tests now partly because it makes sense logistically […]


Hypersonic weapons development critical regardless of Russian or Chinese investment, says former defense official

Hypersonic weapons can travel at a speed of at least five times the speed of sound, around 3,800 miles per hour. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall says he is not satisfied with the pace of development for those hypersonic missiles and says there is some progress on technology, but he wants it to be even […]


New trilateral partnership stems from “frenetic military technology competition,” says defense strategy expert

The Biden administration has announced a deal to help Australia deploy nuclear-powered submarines. The trilateral agreement, which includes the United Kingdom, aims to deter Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific region. Bradley Bowman, senior director for the Center on Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said the agreement is a military […]


American military should prioritize cultural literacy, says former combat interpreter

A lot has been said about why the Taliban were able to retake power in such a short time in Afghanistan. Baktash Ahadi, former combat interpreter for U.S. and Afghan Special Operations forces, says one reason is that American troops lacked cultural understanding of the Afghan people. Ahadi provided the example of when U.S. military […]


Army Modernization: Future Vertical Lift

In preparation for Great Power Competition with Russia and China, a strategy that includes renewed emphasis on nuclear deterrence and stronger NATO and Indo-Pacific military capabilities, the United States Army is planning to retire its signature aircrafts, like the Apache and Black Hawk, and replace them with the next generation of helicopters. This new initiative […]

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