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Navy could field innovative technology into fleet within four years, says former Army major general

The Navy’s current budget situation does not allow for room to grow to 355 ships, according to Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday, but the total number of ships in the fleet may be the wrong measure. Gen. John Ferrari (U.S. Army, ret.), visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and former director of […]


United States must reach consensus on specifics of threat from China, says defense strategy expert

Navy secretary nominee Carlos Del Toro says he’s on board with maintaining the Navy’s 355-ship fleet goal. He told the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday that goal requires more money from Congress over the next several years. Chris Dougherty, former strategic advisor in the Defense Department and now senior fellow in the Defense Program at […]


Military needs new joint force design approach in light of software advances, says force development expert

The Air Force will test a new way to distribute tasks for cybersecurity operations in defense. However, delivering capabilities from individual forces might not be the right model for Great Power Competition, a strategic approach towards adversaries that includes renewed emphasis on nuclear deterrence and strengthening NATO and Indo-Pacific military capabilities. Timothy Walton, fellow at […]


Navy must balance its investment across all domains, says acting secretary

The Navy’s three biggest development priorities are a new next-generation fighter, a destroyer and a submarine, but a memo from the acting secretary of the Navy Thomas Harker says its new budget request will make the Navy choose one of those three. Harker said the key message he wanted to convey in recent budget and […]


New defense cloud contract will be multiple-award and shorter-term, says former General Services Administration head

The Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract is dead. The Defense Department will try again to build an enterprise cloud capability with a different model this time. Emily Murphy, former administrator of the General Services Administration, said it is clear the department will choose a multiple-award path this time, which will reduce risk and […]


Sole-sourcing spare parts hinders military readiness, says national security expert

The Air Force says its F-35 sustainment cost will grow to 14% more than it can afford, even if it gets all spare parts for the aircraft for free. The military’s spare parts supply chain is suffering a “crisis in readiness,” according to Stephen Rodriguez, former special advisor at the Defense Department, founder and current […]


United States should collaborate more with allies on future warfighting capabilities, says defense expert

Defense Department leaders say the military will eventually open its Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) system to share information with its allies and partners. However, those allies and partners could be headed in very different directions when they make decisions about fleets that will interact with the United States military. Brian Burton, former advisor […]

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