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National Defense Authorization Act completion will likely be delayed

The Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Senator Jack Reed says he will hold off on marking up this year’s National Defense Authorization Act until July. The Senate will use the extra time to consider nominees for top posts in the Defense Department. Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Roger Zakheim said the delay, […]


Former Air Force secretary suggests developing new framework to measure readiness

Frank Kendall is the new nominee for Secretary of the Air Force. He served as Pentagon Acquisition Chief during the Obama administration. Deborah Lee James, Former Secretary of the Air Force, said the new Air Force secretary should work with the chiefs to create a new framework to improve upon current readiness metrics. James said […]


Serious concerns raised over most expensive weapons system in history

The most expensive weapons system in history is about to get more expensive. A new analysis from the Government Accountability Office suggests the F-35 aircraft could end up costing more to operate than the services say they can afford. Diana Maurer, Director of Defense Capabilities and Management at the Government Accountability Office, said the Air […]


More discussion on unexpected national security threats is critical, says strategy expert

The latest assessment from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence anticipates the threat of disruptive technologies. It also finds the COVID-19 pandemic will generate aftershocks for years. Barry Pavel, Senior Vice President and Founding Director of the Scowcroft Center at the Atlantic Council, said the assessment is good but lacks enough detail on […]


Progress on F-35 production cycle complicates sustainability cost discussions

The most expensive weapons system in history has a new cost problem. The Government Accountability Office says the F-35 will cost more to maintain and operate than the services can afford over the life of the aircraft. Richard Aboulafia, Vice President of Analysis at The Teal Group, said the fact that so many F-35 aircraft […]


Financial statement audit among top areas of focus at Department of the Navy

The Navy is claiming progress in all three areas of its financial audit. The service’s financial management leader says the Navy is transforming the way it manages its money. Alaleh Jenkins, Performing the Duties of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller) at the Department of the Navy, said the financial statement […]


Russia’s Poseidon missile is a terror weapon, says geopolitical policy expert

The Russian military is testing a weapon called the Poseidon missile that could threaten the west coast of the United States. Former Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Ford says the weapon could generate radioactive tsunamis. Ford said the device is a terror weapon designed to kill or traumatize civilians and it is unclear what it […]

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