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Data Deep Dive

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Smart IoT security as the path forward for data-centric government

For government, the paradigm shift to an Internet of Things is already underway. The lynchpin is sensors — and lots of them. In the coming years, federal IoT will also require foundational investments in cloud computing, software, analytic capabilities, and cybersecurity (to defend it all). Matthew Hummer of Govini details a new way of thinking […]

Government Matters Data Deep Dive

Federal IT market transitions to a data-first approach

In the wake of sequestration, spending on federal IT is poised for a rebound — especially on the civilian side of government. But the market is in transition. The emphasis used to be on connectivity. Today, IT starts with data. Click the play icon to watch our third piece in a new series “Data Deep […]

President Donald J. Trump meets military commanders

Some agencies have more re-programming potential than others in 2017

The Trump administration wants to re-program priorities across government. But some branches of the military, and some civilian agencies, have more wiggle room than others. Recently, Govini took a look at re-programming potential for the year 2017. It’s based on the following three things: The dollar value of contracts set to expire, those contracts as […]


DoD’s Third Offset Strategy and Autonomous Capabilities

The Trump Administration will face a lot of difficult choices about which capabilities it wants to strengthen through technology investments. One area poised for growth is autonomous capabilities. They’re a critical part of the Defense Department’s Third Offset Strategy championed by Secretary Ash Carter. It’s the focus of our first piece in a news series […]

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