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Federal budget process should go beyond program cost, says former agency chief financial officer

The federal budget request process is officially 100 years old. A group of former federal budget officials argues it desperately needs an update. Doug Criscitello, former chief financial officer at the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Small Business Administration, said it is necessary to look at the benefits of programs relative to […]


Reductions to Navy fleet a “step back,” says defense budget expert

The new budget request from the Biden administration is loaded with surprises for budget watchers. It includes things people did not see coming and leaves out some things people were expecting. Mark Cancian, former chief of the Force Structure and Investment Division at the Office of Management and Budget, said the decommissioning of 12 Navy […]


Transfer of defense budget share from Army to Navy smaller than anticipated

The defense budget request from the White House cuts Defense Department procurement funding by $8 billion. The request asks for $112 billion for research and development, a 5% increase. Todd Harrison, director of defense budget analysis at CSIS and former captain in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, said there was less resource transfer from the […]


Cybersecurity is now key for all high-level management at Department of Homeland Security

Three top White House nominees for the Department of Homeland Security will prioritize cybersecurity initiatives if the Senate confirms them. The confirmation hearing for the three nominees happened just a couple weeks after several high-level cyberattacks. Chris Cummiskey, former Acting Under Secretary for Management at the Department of Homeland Security, said the hearing’s heavy focus […]


Incoming Pentagon officials advised to “focus on three things” before starting

Three Biden administration nominees are closer to taking their seats in the Pentagon after a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday: Susanna Blume for director of cost assessment and program evaluation (CAPE), Heidi Shyu for under secretary of defense for research and engineering and Frank Kendall for Air Force secretary. Bill Greenwalt, former Deputy Under […]


Government leaders tasked with defending “unprecedented” budget proposal

The White House budget request for fiscal 2022 features a $6 trillion spending plan. The topline numbers match the “skinny budget” the White House released in April. Former Defense Comptroller Tina Jonas said the budget request proposes an unprecedented amount of money, and she expects “a lot of days on Capitol Hill” as budget officers […]


Mischaracterization of Air Force resources among top issues to address, says Mitchell Institute dean

The confirmation hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday included a lot of questions for Air Force secretary nominee Mike Kendall about the contentious F-35 aircraft. That is only one big decision point Kendall faces if the Senate confirms him. Lt. Gen. David Deptula (USAF, Ret.), Dean of The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, […]

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