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Few options for agencies to get around continuing resolutions, defense budget expert says

The continuing resolution (CR) passed by Congress affects every federal agency’s ability to fund new initiatives. For the Pentagon, the CR will stall new-start programs as well as production increases. Todd Harrison, director of defense budget analysis and the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said there are not many […]


Follow the data and tie funding to outcomes, former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan advises policymakers

The Urban Institute projects a record drop in poverty levels by the end of this calendar year. Modernizing how the government manages and uses data can inform better policy making and improve the lives of Americans. Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House of Representatives and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, introduced […]


Government shutdowns hurt everyone, Partnership for Public Service president says

On top of the Covid-19 pandemic, ongoing economic recovery and natural disasters, the federal government almost faced another government shutdown. The threat of a shutdown makes government unnecessarily difficult, according to Max Stier, president and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service. Stier said government shutdowns hurt everyone by distracting civil servants from critical issues, […]


Anxiety from shutdowns not worth partisan fights, federal employee advocate says

The government avoided a shutdown by passing a bill to fund the government into early December. Jessica Klement, staff vice president of policy and programs at NARFE, discussed what a government closure would have meant for federal employees. Klement said it is now a law that employees know they will get paid eventually in a […]


Defense Department has successfully adapted to continuing resolutions, Government Accountability Office finds

The Defense Department (DoD) has operated under a continuing resolution (CR) for 11 out of the last 12 fiscal years, freezing spending at the previous year’s level. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) studied the impact that operating under a CR has on DoD. Operating under a CR is not ideal or particularly efficient, but DoD […]


Air Force will need to make tradeoffs with F-35s and competing priorities, says air warfare reporter

The F-35 is the Air Force’s top-of-the-line fighter jet, but how many do they need and how many can they afford? Valerie Insinna, Air Warfare Reporter at Defense News, said the Air Force would buy all of the approximately 1,700 F-35s in the program of record if it had unlimited funds but that other weapons […]


Contractors should communicate with agencies about continuing resolution, advises former acquisition leader

The White House proposes supplemental funding in the billions to prepare for a likely continuing resolution (CR), which would affect federal acquisition and contractors for fiscal 2022. Greg Giddens, partner at Potomac Ridge Consulting and former Department of Veterans Affairs chief acquisition officer, said contractors should start a dialogue with their government counterparts about how […]


“Revolving door” between government and industry not a major threat, retired Air Force colonel argues

Hundreds of presidentially nominated, Senate-confirmed positions remain vacant to date. The vacancies in the Pentagon can adversely affect the execution of long-term national defense strategy, according to Col. Wesley Hallman (USAF ret.), senior vice president of strategy and policy at the National Defense Industrial Association. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) had put a hold, which she has […]

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