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Government Matters (Full Show) – October 5, 2021

United States must prepare for three categories of biosecurity threats, says biodefense leader Asha George, executive director of the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense, discusses the need for the United States to prepare for biosecurity risks, such as future pandemics   Continuing resolution presents major challenge for small businesses, says federal acquisition expert Larry Allen, president […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – October 3, 2021

Follow the data and tie funding to outcomes, former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan advises policymakers Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, now president of the American Idea Foundation, details how the Evidence Act is helping policymakers measure the effectiveness of programs and tie funding to outcomes   USAID leader says […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – September 30, 2021

Government shutdowns hurt everyone, Partnership for Public Service president says Max Stier, president and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service, explains how government shutdowns hurt everyone and how proposed legislation would address the problem   Anxiety from shutdowns not worth partisan fights, federal employee advocate says Jessica Klement, staff vice president of policy and […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – September 29, 2021

Hypersonic weapons development critical regardless of Russian or Chinese investment, says former defense official Mark Lewis, executive director of the Emerging Technologies Institute at the National Defense Industrial Association, discusses investing in hypersonic missiles at the Pentagon and developing military space strategy with nuclear power   New trilateral partnership stems from “frenetic military technology competition,” […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – September 28, 2021

American military should prioritize cultural literacy, says former combat interpreter Baktash Ahadi, former combat interpreter for U.S. and Afghan Special Operations forces, discusses his perspective that the United States military lacked important cultural understanding of the Afghan people   Artificial intelligence can both perpetuate and mitigate bias, says tech equity officer Michael Akinwumi, chief tech […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – September 26, 2021

Former DHS secretary says cyber threats are “incomparably worse” than when he served Michael Chertoff, co-founder and executive chairman of The Chertoff Group, former DHS secretary, touches on each of the major threats facing the Department of Homeland Security and provides recommendations for the current secretary   New office will address disparities in negative health […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – September 23, 2021

Author proposes international alliance to prepare for future pandemics Thomas Wright, senior fellow and director of the Center on the United States and Europe at the Brookings Institution, discusses his view that Covid-19 came at one of the worst possible moments and describes a proposal to prepare for future crises   CDC official responded to […]

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