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Capt. Marc Mancher (USN Ret.), principal at Deloitte Consulting, outlines how RPA is seeing use at federal agencies, and how “digital workers” are becoming a key part of the modern workforce.

Robotic Process Automation is seeing a renaissance in government. Agencies are using bots to free up their employees for more valuable work. Capt. Marc Mancher (USN Ret.), principal at Deloitte Consulting, says that these “digital workers” are becoming an important part of the modern workforce.


“A digital worker is now part of your workforce. You have leadership who want to get things done, but often can’t get things done because of too many manual processes. You have government or state workers who want to get things done who have contractor support,” Mancher said. “…As you move the processes out of those elements, there’s a new workforce which is digital. They don’t need a paycheck. They don’t need medical benefits. They can work 24/7. They don’t need a CAC card. There are things about the digital worker and our policies need to reflect the environment, because it’s almost a fourth class of worker.”

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