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Reggie Brothers, former under secretary for Science and Technology at the Department of Homeland Security and chief technology officer at Peraton discusses ethical considerations for AI in the federal sector, and other technological concerns.

As the government researches applications of artificial intelligence, the conversation has turned to ethical use of the technology. The Department of Defense recently put out a report on AI ethics, and included solutions for incorporating the new technology ethically and with integrity. Reggie Brothers, former under secretary for Science and Technology at the Department of Homeland security and chief technology officer at Peraton, says that it’s important to think about all facets of a technology before implementation.

“We’re getting down the road a bit. There are some things i’m concerned about, but it’s not too late. We haven’t talked about the security of these kind of systems, because one of the challenges is, while there are a lot of benefits to using AI and those are well documented, a lot of work in academia is really looking at how secure these systems are. This isn’t strictly cybersecurity, this really has to do with ‘Are the models secure, is the data secure?’ Brothers said. “There’s this whole area of adversarial AI where you can fake a computer vision system with different types of images into making a mistake in classifications. These are all issues that I think are bubbling up, but I don’t think they’re being tackled at a broad enough or high enough level right now.”

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