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Frank Konkel, executive editor of Nextgov, Adam Mazmanian, executive editor of FCW and Leo Shane III, deputy editor of Military Times, detail what top stories they’re looking to cover next year.

What issues from 2019 will carry into the next decade? Government Matters assembled a panel of top editors in the federal space to discuss what the future holds.

Frank Konkel/Executive Editor, Nextgov

[Microsoft] are pretty confident [about JEDI.] I think that’s interesting. The way that Amazon’s protest came out, you would think that there was a litany of issues and Microsoft should be concerned. Protests happen all of the time, and maybe in this case Amazon wanted to learn more and the protest was the best way they figured to do that… Microsoft confirmed that they have started working with secret information and they are hosting that now with a temporary provision. They are moving forward quickly.


Adam Mazmanian/ Executive Editor, FCW

“As the cybersecurity story heats up; watching how CISA, the DHS agency that’s there to deal with cybersecurity, handles the vote, handles campaign cybersecurity and all sorts of threats to our election system…  Different people want different things from it. There’s still no cyber 911 yet, but they’re trying to get as close as they can to that.”


Leo Shane III/ Deputy Editor, Military Times

“This election thing might be something that we have to follow, and this impeachment thing that came up out of nowhere. Those are going to take a lot of oxygen out of the room. But the downside of that is we’re still seeing a lot of issues with filling positions at the Pentagon and VA. We saw five senior Pentagon folks announce their retirements or departures in just a week. The question becomes: How are they going to fill those positions in an election year when there may be change in administration. We’ve already seen this administration struggle with getting candidates in. As the year goes on, how are they going to be filled and is that going to have a trickle down effect with basic operations?”

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