Developments in Ukraine, the Pacific and other global hotspots show that warfighting moves at lightning speeds and in surprising directions. Contemporary near-peer enemies can disrupt and contest military forces with novel technologies like unmanned aerial systems, information warfare, cyber effects and electronic attack. The U.S. Army is responding to these modern threats and preparing for the future of warfare by transforming its battlefield grids into resilient and unified networks and adopting modular, software-defined mission tools. These next-gen systems will enable coordinated decision making at ranges and speeds that will overwhelm any adversary. These networks must leverage artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and data visualization tools to deliver a data-centric, common operating environment with speed, security and effectiveness so U.S. and allied joint forces are empowered with unrivaled decision dominance.

Produced at the 2022 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition, this show explores how the U.S. Army and industry are investing in innovative and interoperable technologies to assure victory for U.S. and allied forces across all domains.

Appearing on this program with Mimi Geerges, Government Matters Thought Leadership Network:

  • Lt. Gen. Ross Coffman, Deputy Commanding General, Army Futures Command
  • Peter Gallagher, Senior Vice President, Technology and Solutions, CACI International Inc.

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