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Government Matters – Diversifying genetic research, Chinese surveillance balloon, American satisfaction with the government – February 7, 2023

Neil Hanchard of the National Human Genome Research Institute on genetic diversity in research, Bryan Clark of the Hudson Insitute on the Chinese surveillance balloon and Forrest Morgeson of American Customer Satisfaction Index on Americans’ increased satisfaction with the government.


Diversity in genetic research is a key part of health care

Scientific accuracy depends on quality data. At the National Institutes of Health, that means ensuring that genetic information used in research reflects the world’s diversity. Genetic research is at the core of finding the right treatments for the right diseases and the right people, Neil Hanchard, senior investigator, and section head at the National Human […]


Enforcing antitrust laws on tech companies

In 2021 President Biden issued an executive order to step up antitrust enforcement. Recently, a big part of that effort includes targeting tech companies. There are a lot of large, dominant technology companies that are part of the economy and became so large by acquiring smaller companies, which raises concerns, Diana Moss, president of the […]


Russia violates nuclear treaty

The State Department says Russia is violating an international nuclear treaty by not allowing inspections of its nuclear facilities. The U.S. and Russia have 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons, so they have a responsibility to manage their stockpiles, Lynn Rusten, vice president of the Global Nuclear Policy Program at the Nuclear Threat Initiative, […]


Hiring new tech talent in the government

Tech companies are letting go of tens of thousands of employees, but the federal government is hiring for many of those roles. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) hosted a tech job fair as part of broader efforts to attract new talent. The government is working to make the impact of its mission clear to […]


Government Matters – Hiring tech workers in the government, Russia violates a treaty, Stopping tech monopolies – February 5, 2023

Kimberly Holden with OPM on recruiting people in the tech industry to work for the government, Lynn Rusten of the Nuclear Threat Initiatve on Russia’s noncompliance with a nuclear treaty & Diana Moss of the American Antitrust Institute on antitrust enforcement of tech companies.


US kills ISIS leader in Somalia

U.S. military forces recently killed a senior Islamic State leader and 10 other fighters in Somalia. That followed a series of deadly strikes targeting the al-Qaida-affiliated group Al-Shabaab. The U.S. is involved in Somalia in an effort to prevent the country from falling under jihadist rule, Bill Roggio, senior fellow and editor of the Foundation […]

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