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Jessica Lucas-Judy, director of strategic issues at GAO, dives into the recommendations to reduce duplication, and what agencies can do to save the government money and resources.

Congress and the executive branch have options to save billions of dollars by cutting costs or avoiding spending. According to this year’s Government Accountability Office report on Fragmentation, Overlap and Duplication, there are almost 100 new ways that the government can save money. Jessica Lucas-Judy, director of strategic issues at GAO says that the recommendations Transend many different agencies and programs.


“We look at defense, healthcare, education, security all kinds of different areas. One of the examples for this year is the Department of Energy. We found that they could take a more risk-based strategic approach to how they manage radioactive and hazardous waste and that would potentially save tens of billions of dollars.” Judy said. “Another example is with Medicaid. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services could do a better job of overseeing the expenditures from Medicaid. That could potentially save hundreds of millions of dollars.”

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