To undertake any modernization effort, you need an accurate picture of the IT environment, as well as an understanding of how it aligns to each agency or department’s evolving mission. Through collaborative IT portfolio management, many agencies have been able to engage all agency stakeholders to plan, design and govern government IT business transformation and drive digital strategy from concept, to implementation, to governance.
Our panel experts will discuss how their IT Portfolio Management best practices have:
–        Provided their decision-makers with insight into their complex IT environments
–        helped them to make the right IT investment decisions to support the mission into the future.
–        Increase their return on IT investments and reduce transformational risks by understanding when, where, how and why to make changes in your organization’s IT portfolio.
Ultimately, a effective and collaborative IT Portfolio management helps everyone get on the same page about what the mission achievement looks like now – and how it can be improved with new applications and technologies. By ensuring key best practices are followed, agencies can develop, implement, and monitor their digital transformation journey.
Panel includes:
Kristin St. Peter – Deputy Associate Director for Capabilities, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
John Owens II – Chief Information Officer, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Chris Borneman – Chief Technology Officer, Software AG Government Solutions

Presented by Software AG Government Solutions and the Government Matters Thought Leadership Network
This sponsored program was created in conjunction with the Government Matters Thought Leadership Network. Government employees were not compensated and do not endorse any companies associated with this program.