The U.S. Marines represent some of the most elite military professionals today. These warfighters consistently demand victory, due in part to their determination and strong sense of identity. To preserve and strengthen this ethos in an era of great power competition, the Marine Corps will need a transformed talent management approach that meets the objectives of Force Design 2030. This remodeling involves modernized personnel systems, workforce processes and data management that can better support the individual marine’s experience in the Corps from recruitment through retirement. Moreover, it requires organizational changes, like the new Transformation Management Office, to bring about the vital cultural and institutional transformation Marines will need to win on the battlefield.

Government Matters explores how the Marines and industry can collaborate to realize the vision of Talent Management 2030 and to set up the Corps for success in the decades to come.

Appearing on this program with Mimi Geerges, Government Matters Thought Leadership Network:

  • Kim Myers, Managing Director, KPMG
  • Michael Strobl, Ph.D., Assistant Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, U.S. Marine Corps

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