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Former Defense Department Comptrollers Tina Jonas and Mike McCord break down how international tensions could create a need for more military spending, and how that money would be authorized.

The rise in tensions in the Middle East has raised questions about another conflict heating up in the region, and whether the United States should prepare for it. The process for reallocating funds is a complex one involving numerous committees, and there’d need to be detailed specifications for what the money would be used for. Mike McCord, member of the National Defense Strategy Commission and former DoD comptroller, says that the Department wouldn’t be able to request an adjustment from the necessary committees right now due to unknown information.

“I’m confident today that the department doesn’t have the answers to the questions that it would need to take to the committees and ask for more money. How many troops? Doing what?” McCord said.


Tina Jonas, senior adviser at the Center for Strategic & International Studies and former DoD comptroller, says that there are many offices and organizations involved in these kinds of budget conversations.


“The immediate and operational planning is left to the services, the chiefs are really engaged in that, the Joint Chiefs and the combatant commanders. You just have to have that ongoing conversation, as the Comptroller’s office gets information and begins to flesh out and analyze what the requirements are going to be on the immediate term, then they engage Congress consistently,” Jonas said.

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