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Glenn Fine, Principal Deputy Inspector General at the Department of Defense, discusses his office’s recommendations for the Pentagon, and the trend line for their completion.

The Defense Department’s Inspector General Office has assembled a list of action items that the agency needs to look at. The 2019 Compendium of Open Recommendations includes priorities from fixing budgetary issues to solving technological problems. Glenn Fine, Principal Deputy Inspector General at the Department of Defense, says that there are a few common trends throughout the book.


“There are a wide variety of recommendations, they deal with health and safety issues, they deal with acquisition issues, we see a significant amount of recommendations dealing with cybersecurity issues, all of those are very important,” Fine said. “We also list in our compendium what part of the department has the open recommendations. We try and break it down by component. The Army has the most, they are the largest component in the department. The Air Force has a fair number, but they’ve been very good at closing those. We try and stratify the recommendations to show how each of the components is doing in closing recommendations.”

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