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Lauren Williams, staff writer at FCW, Valerie Insinna, air warfare reporter at Defense News and Sara Sirota, associate editor of Inside the Air Force, discuss what they’re tracking in defense as we enter a new year.

The Department of Defense has several programs and policies that will see development in the coming years. Government Matters invited a panel of defense reporters to break down the top stories that the Pentagon will deal with in the coming months.

Lauren Williams/Staff Writer, FCW

“All eyes are on JEDI. It has been that way for a while now. Now that funding has been approved to be appropriated for the contract, even though it is being disputed by Amazon, I’m excited to see what is going to develop there, what tools are going to be onloaded to the infrastructure and how DoD is going to go forward with that.”

Valerie Insinna/Air Warfare Reporter, Defense News

“It has been over half a century since the U.S. created a new military service. I think there are still so many questions about what the Space Force is going to look like, are they going to have cool Star Wars uniforms? We don’t even know at this point if the Army or Navy is going to be folded into it. It’s this brand-new baby that can grow up to be so many different things.”

Sara Sirota / Associate Editor, Inside the Air Force

“Hypersonics is something that I think people will be talking about in 2020, countering UAS and small drones are other areas that the Defense Department needs to and has been looking at.”

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