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Tony Scott, former Federal CIO and managing partner at Ridge-Lane, discusses proposed rules around federal data centers, and why some in Congress don’t like the new direction.

The Office of Management and Budget’s new data center guidance includes some language that members of Congress find concerning. One change that worries both sides is the deemphasis on eliminating data centers, in favor of ‘optimization.’ Tony Scott, former Federal CIO and managing partner at Ridge-Lane, says that moving the goalposts in this way breaks one of the cardinal rules of modernization.


“The prior policy classified things into tiered and non-tiered data centers… This seems to mash them back together and it changes the baseline. If there’s one thing I heard over and over again when I was CIO, was don’t keep changing the yardstick. Keep it consistent and over time you will get progress. I would worry about that changing the baseline,” Scott said.

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