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Jonathan Alboum, CTO of public sector at Veritas, discusses what agencies should include in their approaches to data, and why it’s important to establish data controls soon.

The Federal Data Strategy has an aggressive timeline and a data leadership mandate to be implemented across government. However, it’s up to the individual agencies to figure out what that leadership looks like. Jonathan Alboum, CTO of public sector at Veritas, says that establishing data controls now is important for the future.


“It sounds easy and very logical that to manage our data that we need to have some controls in place, but data is growing at incredible rates. It’s all over our organizations inside and outside of the government. We don’t have the control that we think we have over our data. There’s copies of our data, there’s redundant, obsolete and trivial data. All of this data sits on primary storage that’s on our networks and it creates risks in our organizations and it slows us down when we want to do these big things with data,” Alboum said “As we establish data governance bodies, which is part of the year one action plan in the federal data strategy, I think there are a number of opportunities to elevate the conversation and get people focused on it. Adding data governance to organizations is part of a culture change. Culture doesn’t change just because you say ‘We need to do data governance,’ it’s going to change because people see the benefit in it. “

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