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Month: May 2022

Government Matters (Full Show) – May 31, 2022

Managing the $9 billion space telescope project; Army acquisition process improvement and modernization


James Webb Space Telescope Program close to entering ‘science mode’

The James Webb Space Telescope weighs as much as a school bus, and its sun shield is the size of a tennis court. It’s now a million miles from Earth and will be able to look back 13.5 billion years, close to when the first galaxies were being formed. Gregory Robinson, program director for the […]


Army implementing changes to accelerate acquisition timeline

The U.S. Army is embarking on the largest modernization effort in over 40 years to confront the pacing threat from China. The assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, logistics and technology oversees the Army’s acquisition enterprise. Young Bang, principal deputy assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics and technology, said his office has been working on […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – May 29, 2022

Mission of US Army space and missile defense; celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


Tracking incoming hypersonic missiles an ‘urgent’ priority in Army

Space capabilities have become an integral part of everyone’s life – just look at GPS – and their importance for warfighting has also evolved. Government Matters’ Mimi Geerges spoke with LTG Daniel Karbler, commanding general of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, about Army space capabilities and his command’s mission and priorities. One […]


Army leader reflects on career progression to chief warrant officer 5 as immigrant

When Chief Warrant Officer 5 Mohammed Badal, chief of the Contingency Construction and Operational Energy Branch in the U.S. Army, immigrated from Bangladesh at 19, he decided to join the Army to learn some job skills. 25 years later, he’s still there and loving it. Badal said he was drawn to the military because he […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – May 26, 2022

Officials recount evacuation of 120,000 people from Afghanistan; Leading Covid-19 treatment research at NIH and combating other diseases


Defense and State Department officials on ‘unprecedented’ Afghanistan evacuation

Once it became clear last summer that the Afghan government would fall, the highest priority became the quick and safe evacuation of Americans, eligible Afghans and other allies. After that, the Defense and State Departments were responsible for providing them housing and services. Those teams included Hila Hanif, director of Afghanistan strategy and policy at […]

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May 2022
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