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Day: April 5, 2022

Government Matters (Full Show) – April 5, 2022

Impact of Russia sanctions on global energy; new game teaches students about National Security Council; Naval support to Ukraine in war with Russia


US takes careful approach to Russia sanctions to mitigate impacts on partners, allies

The international sanctions coalition against Russia is unprecedented, but as the conflict continues into a possible stalemate, can the United States maintain the cohesion between allies and partners? Richard Nephew, senior research scholar at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy and former principal deputy coordinator for sanctions policy at the State Department, said the […]


New video game teaches students about foreign policy and decision making in government

The Council on Foreign Relations has a new, interactive game called “Convene the Council,” which has students assume the role of the president and offers them different foreign policy scenarios. Caroline Netchvolodoff, vice president of education at the Council on Foreign Relations, said the game, intended for middle and high schoolers, helps players understand how […]


Defense expert advises US and NATO to keep Ukraine supplied with anti-ship missiles

Much of the attention on U.S. support for Ukraine focuses on air and missile defense, but according to Arthur Herman, senior fellow at Hudson Institute, ignoring the naval aspect of the conflict would be a mistake. Herman said he has been urging the United States and NATO to keep Ukrainians supplied with anti-ship missiles because […]

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