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Month: March 2022

USAID waiting for Congress to fund next part of international Covid vaccine delivery effort

The United States has just sent half a billion free Covid-19 vaccines around the world, with more on the way. Over 110 countries in every region of the globe have received American vaccines. Jeremy Konyndyk, executive director of the COVID-19 Task Force at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), said the U.S. government […]


Department of Veterans Affairs could get 3D-printed living bone to clinics in three years

3D printing technology has been around for a while, but at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), printing an actual model of a patient’s organ will help improve surgeries and healthcare for vets. Dr. Beth Ripley, VHA 3D Printing Network Initiative enterprise lead, VA Ventures director and radiologist at the VA Puget Sound Health Care […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – March 24, 2022

Combating press censorship in Russia; was ruling out no-fly zone over Ukraine a mistake?; reliability of the electrical grid


Congressionally funded news outlet suspends Moscow operations after harassment, fines

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is funded by Congress through the U.S. Agency for Global Media, an independent federal agency. Broadcasting in 27 languages to 23 countries, it is the free press many countries lack. Jamie Fly, president and chief executive officer of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, said his organization suspended operations out of Moscow and […]


US position on no-fly zone sends wrong message, argues political scientist

Ukrainian President Zelensky has asked the United States many times to declare a no-fly zone over his country. So far, the answer has been no. Raphael Cohen, director of the Strategy and Doctrine Program of Project AIR FORCE at the RAND Corporation, argues it was a mistake to take that option off the table. Cohen […]


Efforts underway to fix weak points in US electrical grid

The electrical power grid is less reliable than it used to be. Major disruptions and power outages have increased over the past 20 years as Americans become more reliant on electricity. Katherine Blunt, reporter for the Wall Street Journal, said utility companies are investing in upgrading infrastructure components, some of which are decades or even […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – March 22, 2022

Russia claims to launch hypersonic missiles in Ukraine; Russian-Chinese relationship


Operational pause in Russian attacks likely in coming weeks, says research scientist

The Russian military has not made the progress it and analysts had expected in the war against Ukraine. Estimates of Russian troops killed range anywhere from 3,000 to 14,000, and there are reports of Russian soldiers running out of fuel and food. Jeffrey Edmonds, research scientist at CNA and former director for Russia on the […]

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March 2022
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