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Day: March 30, 2021

Government Matters (Full Show) – March 30, 2021

Diversity is mission-critical, says Omelas CEO Evanna Hu, Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Omelas, discusses the policy issues she and her colleagues are trying to tackle in the next few years to address AAPI discrimination   TMF may be more appealing to DoD now that it has additional funds, says ACT-IAC CEO Dave Wennergren, […]


Diversity is mission-critical, says Omelas CEO

Congressman Andy Kim of New Jersey says when he was a State Department official, the department banned him from working on issues involving the Korean Peninsula even though he is of Korean descent. Other Asian-Americans, in and out of government, are telling their stories now too. Evanna Hu, Partner and CEO at Omelas, started a […]


TMF may be more appealing to DoD now that it has additional funds, says ACT-IAC CEO

The Department of Labor will get $9.6 million for data infrastructure modernization from the Technology Modernization Fund. It was the first award after the fund got a $1 billion boost in the latest coronavirus relief bill. Dave Wennergren, former CIO of the Navy, said going forward we will likely see a mix of larger programs […]


We would not want to face another disaster with this level of national debt, says debt limit expert

The Government Accountability Office projects the nation’s debt will hit its highest point in history in 2028, after which the debt will grow faster than the gross domestic product. GAO reports after the pandemic the government should prioritize getting the country on a sustainable long-term path. Susan Irving, Senior Advisor to the Comptroller General on […]

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