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Reforming US intelligence community

It’s been more than 20 years since the last time there was any serious talks of reforming the U.S. intelligence community. The intelligence community has a budget of $90 billion, and it’s not totally clear what that money is being spent on, Ron Marks, visiting professor at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and […]


Government Matters – Advancements in technology, Reforming US intelligence Community – January 29, 2023

Catherine Marsh of IARPA on the organization’s latest projects and Ron Marks of GMU’s Schar School of Policy and Government on reforming the intelligence community


Congressional disagreements on spending could lead to shutdown

The federal government debt ceiling is expected to lead to a standoff between the president and the House of Representatives. It could mean potential cuts in discretionary spending for federal agencies. Many House Republicans have said they do not want to cut Pentagon spending, Bob Cusack, editor in chief of The Hill, stated, but it […]


Using fiction to improve defense readiness

A group called Useful Fiction has worked with organizations like the U.S. military and NATO to make information more consumable through the power of stories. Useful Fiction came about after Peter Singer, managing partner at Useful Fiction, and his partner August Cole wrote the novel “Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War” which […]


International partners are key to Artemis project

International collaboration is critical for NASA’s multibillion-dollar Artemis campaign to ultimately send a crewed mission to Mars. A new audit finds that several factors could be hindering the agency’s partnerships. International partners are key to keeping the Artemis program affordable and sustainable long-term, Kevin Fagedes, assistant director in the NASA Office of Inspector General, said. […]


Government Matters – NASA’s Artemis program, Communicating through fiction, Cutting federal spending – January 26, 2023

Kevin Fagedes of NASA Office of Inspector General on NASA’s international collaboration, Peter Singer of Useful Fiction on communicating real-world lessons through novels and Bob Cusack on federal spending cuts.


Working to protect sensitive cyber information

This year, the federal government is expected to implement the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) for contractors. CMMC 2.0 is going to have three levels. Level one is about 15 controls and is a self-certification for contractors who don’t handle secret information, level two is for those who have access to classified information and is […]

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